Combahee River Raid Tour

Combahee River Raid Boat Tour

Harriet Tubman, at the height of the Civil War spent time in burgeoning Mitchelville. It is recorded that Tubman initiated the plain for the infamous Combahee River Raid during that time. More than 725 enslaved men and women were liberated during the attack. Newspapers around the country reported that Harriet Tubman was the force that led this infamous attack. Tubman’s vital in role planning and participating in the raid also carried the added historical importance of Tubman being credited as the first woman to lead a US military attack.

Schedule your narrated boat tour that follows the path of Harriet Tubman, Colonel James Montgomery, and the 2nd South Carolina USCT Volunteers experienced over 150 years ago.

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Combahee River Raid Boat Tour

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